15 Cases That Working With An Expert Mediation Attorney  For Your Litigation Is Worth It

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“Ms. Wilkerson did not pay the rent in response to the three-day-notice and was served a Summons and Complaint,” explains Elena Popp with the Eviction Defense Network. “Attached to the summons and complaint was a Prejudgment Claim of Right to Possession. No prejudgment claimants came forward because Ms. Wilkerson withheld the information. She agreed to give up possession in a Stipulation for Judgment. Because a prejudgment claim was served with the Summons and Complaint, even though Ms. Wilkerson never told any of the tenants about the service, there is no way for any of them to bring themselves into this litigation.” Popp sheds light on an old law that says landlords can evict everyone living in a home just by serving notice to one person–even if that one person doesn’t tell the others, as is the case with Wilkerson and her subtenants. “This is a defect in the law,” Popp continues. “It is a complete violation of due process.

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