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While campaigns to educate citizens about their rights during police stops have become common across the country, the effort in New Jersey has already drawn criticism from some civil rights advocates, who maintain it conveys a subtle message that drivers and passengers bear responsibility for traffic stops that go awry. Mr. Porrino, a political independent who was nominated to serve as attorney general by Gov. Chris Christie in 2016, acknowledged that the campaign, which started this month, could prove controversial. While he said he did not believe the announcements placed too much of an onus on civilians, he welcomed the criticism as a way of keeping the dialogue going on the complicated relations between the police and the public. Christopher Porrino, the New Jersey attorney general, developed the public service campaign because he believed that educating the public could help defuse the tension that can arise during police stops. Credit Julio Cortez/Associated Press “We decided to take it on a bit, and maybe we’ll take some heat from certain players, who think that we’re blaming the victim, but this for me is practical, and less ideological,” Mr. Porrino said in an interview. “So I’m perfectly happy for people to, and I think they should, and I’d encourage them to, continue the debate about police use of force.” As shootings of unarmed black men by the police have set off a national discussion on race relations and the way officers treat civilians, police departments across the country have struggled with how to make changes. Some departments, including in New Jersey, have adopted body cameras, required implicit-bias and de-escalation training for officers and held many meetings with local leaders. In developing the Safe Stop campaign, Mr.

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